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The top 3 best wine apps you need to try now

The top 3 best wine apps you need to try now

It's a problem we're all familiar with. You need to pick up a bottle of wine en route to dinner at your friend's place. You get to the supermarket and you're faced with a wall of overwhelming choices. A hundred reds, whites, and champagnes all staring back at you.

It's decision time, but where to start! Which reds will match the dinner? Which whites don't taste like paint stripper? And is it reasonable to imagine that you can both impress your friends and see change from a tenner?

wine bottles in a rack

Wine is a significant and very enjoyable part of our lives! We enjoy a glass with our dinner, at Christmas we drink it mulled while we decorate the tree, and all year round we gift wine for every type of occasion; birthdays, house warmings, engagements, weddings.

Why does wine pair so wonderfully with so many times in our life? It is because there is something for everyone! You can find a bottle for as little as a fiver. There is a type to suit every taste; white wines, champagnes, reds, rosés. There is even an orange wine produced in Italy!

hand holding a glass of red wine

All of this choice is also the reason wine can be such a headache! We don't want to waste our money on something we don't like. And we certainly don't want to gift a dud wine to our friends and family. But often we don't know which bottle is the best decision.

As with every daily challenge of modern life, technology has come to our rescue. There are a whole host of apps that can help you find your perfect bottle. Whether you are on your way to a dinner, celebrating with some bubbles, or you just fancy a glass of something lovely from the comfort of your sofa, an app can help you make the right choice.

1. Vivino

Undoubtedly a lifesaver, Vivino is your perfect shopping partner. Take a photo of the bottle you're interested in, and the app will give you its star rating out of 5, as rated by the Vivino community. It will give you useful information such as the characteristics of the wine and the average price of the bottle. You can also compare several in the same photo, and snap restaurant wine lists.

Vivino wine app logo

2. Delectable

Like Vivino, Delectable will give you ratings and reviews of wines you've snapped. If you're keen on impressing your friends with your knowledge, you can explore a wealth of information from top winemakers and sommeliers. It also supplies you with curated lists of trending and featured wines; perfect if you want to stay on top of what's hot.

Delectable wine app logo

3. Hello Vino

If you're looking for a personal assistant, Hello Vino is the app for you. Tell it your taste preferences and it will give you a list of wines to suit your palette. Even more impressive, it will match wines to your meal plan. Perfect for the dinner guest conundrum! And if you want to become a real aficionado, you can use the app to read up about grape varieties and blends.

Hello Vino wine app logo

All of these apps are great if you actually have the time to spend researching wines. But most of us don't have the space in our lives to search for the perfect bottle. If you really want to take the hassle and guesswork out of finding a great wine gift, then Bottle Bazaar is the perfect solution.

We have used our 14 years of experience to select delicious wines and Champagnes that everyone is sure to appreciate receiving, and that won't break the bank. Add a bespoke label as a finishing touch, and your personalised wine gift is sure to impress! And for your friends and family who prefer a good cocktail, we now also offer personalised Little Bird Gin.

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