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Why Celebrate a Company Anniversary

Why Celebrate a Company Anniversary

When a business hits a milestone birthday it has a powerful sales and marketing opportunity to take advantage of. A company anniversary is a mark of business success and should be used to show confidence and trust in the company.

If you were looking for a new business to work with, would you choose a young, unestablished business you weren't familiar with over one with a 5 / 10 / 20 / 50 year track record of pleasing its customers?  

Acknowledging the company anniversary can also boost staff morale and strengthen your existing business relationships too. You should take the time to recognise the hard work of your employees and the importance of your business relationships with your customers - both of these groups of people have enabled your business to come this far.

Company anniversary wine

You’ve a whole year you can use to promote the businesses longevity and so many ways to do it, giving out branded luxury gifts is just one of them. If wine floats your boat and is well aligned to the premium personality of your business why not create your own corporate wine bottles.  We will create a bespoke wine label design based on your company logo or if you have your own design team they can work with us to create it. Then you'll just select the wine you'd like and we'll put it all together and package it up smartly for you. We can even mail them direct to your client list. 

Corporate wine gift

Have a look at our corporate wine gallery here or find out more about our personalised wines and get in touch for a quote here.

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