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Why wine may not be vegan or even vegetarian

Why wine may not be vegan or even vegetarian

The rise and popularity of Veganism in the last few years has quite taken Britain by storm. It's now estimated that 3.5 million Brits are vegan and, according to the Office of National Statistics 29.2 million adults in the UK drink alcohol. I wonder how many of those cross over and also how many people actually realise their wine may not be vegan or even vegetarian.

red wine glass

So why might wine not be vegetarian or vegan?  It's all down to the fining process. This is the process by which wine is filtered and suspended solids are removed to make the liquid clearer and more palatable. Fining removes off-flavours, protein, yeast, cloudiness and bitterness. Its certainly an important process but the products used to do this can include casein (a milk protein), isinglass (fish bladder protein), albumen (egg whites) and gelatin (animal protein). 

There are modern methods of fining that are Vegan such as the use of Bentonite or Activated Charcoal so all is not lost if you a Vegan wine is important to you or the person you are buying for. Unfortunately it is not currently a legal requirement to state on the label if a wine is vegetarian or vegan but at Bottle Bazaar we make sure we list it on the website so you can check before you purchase. Just scroll down to the bottom of any wine page and look in the "Details" section. For instance, check our Malbec here, which is vegan and vegetarian:

Bottle Bazaar Malbec

If you need a vegan or vegetarian wine and ours isn't or you aren't sure, do get in touch and we'll see if we can help you!

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